Whale Watching

This trip is to discover the fascinating marine wildlife of the Strait of Gibraltar. If you want to watch dolphins and whales swimming freely in their natural habitat, you have to hop aboard! This location is among the most important of Europe’s hotspots for cetaceans. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Europe from Africa. The connection between the Atlantic’s Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea make it possible to find seven different species of cetaceans. This exciting encounter with local marine wildlife allows you to share them an unrivalled sensation: observe the way they breach the surface and feel free in the ocean. You will never forget this experience. It will be impressive, astonishing, and full of respect to these incredible mammals.

Maybe you prefer a more dynamic activity, so we have a solution in this case. We offer you another kind of trips that includes adventure activities. Bathe in the sea or practice water sports.

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Heading for the sunset

You will enjoy during the most touching moment of the day. Sunset is the best moment, dusk and the beginning of the night. You will go along the coast of Marbella an hour before the sun begins to set. It will fascinate you. You will enjoy the colors of the landscapes, where the breeze of the sea is let feel. Meanwhile, you will taste a perfect sip of champagne. Keeping all your senses awake with the greatest intensity is possible in this incredible experience.

Activities Price
2 hours € 500
4 hours € 700
8 hours € 1,200