Deep-Sea Fishing

If you are experienced at fishing and you are looking for something more specialized, we offer you a deep-sea fishing package that is aimed at catching different pelagic fish species from the Mediterranean. In our sea waters you will abe to find, among others: yellowfin tuna, little tunny, Atlantic bonito, skipjack, dolphinfish, white tuna, and of course, the coveted gigant red tuna. In some of the routes, such as Strait of Gibraltar, the option ”guarantee of catch” can be included in the departure. In case a guarantee of catch was performed, and caught nothing, you will be compensated with the half refund of the fare or another fishing day, upon calendar availability. Take the chance of an unprecedented experience, choosing from different options offered by our Charter.

Route Duration Price
Sotogrande 4 hours € 900
Sotogrande 6 hours € 1,100
Sotogrande 8 hours € 1,300
Strait of Gibraltar 12 hours € 1,800 without guarantee
Strait of Gibraltar 12 hours € 2,800  guarantee of catch

Note: The bluefin tuna fishery is only allowed between 15 June and 15 October, being a capture fishing. At all times the crew shall assure compliance with all measures to ensure the safe return of captured pieces to the sea. Failure to take such action can entail the cancelation of the contracted plan and the return to the harbour without the refund of the fare.

Headway Sailing monitors compliance with legislation to ensure both the safety of customers and the preservation the marine habitat.

“The Malaga Coast and the Strait are among the best places to practice underwater fishing.”



Big-Game Fishing

This fishing mode is very popular among sport fishing lovers. The main characteristic of big-game fishing is that sardines, mackerels, and fins are used to bait and attract pelagic fish. During this trip you can catch species such as lemon fish, albacore, bacoretas, yampugas, white tunas, marlins or even sharks. And, of course, bluefin tuna is also among the species that you can find in this modality. You will not be able to resist one of the most attractive modalities for fishermen.

Route Duration Price
Sotogrande 8 hours € 1,200



Jigging is thought for finding fish in deep waters. With this technique of sport fishing, we can find a lot of different types of groundfishes. Snappers, capitals, dentons, crabs, voracious, groupers, wreckfish…

We offer to you three different packages of jigging; it depends on the place where you want to sail.


This navigation route begins in Sotogrande. Then you will head sailing to the Strait of Gibraltar. During the trip (it is estimated about 12 hours) you will stop in hotspots for fishing. Moreover, you will be able to fish in “El Bajo de Majuán”, it is one of the most important places to visit. You will discover some legend, as people say that in this location Atlantis existed.


This option includes two days ’trip. There you will visit one of the most important red tuna restaurants in Spain. It is a mandatory stop for a fish lover. That’s why you will overnight in Barbate.
Your trip will start in Sotogrande, and you will pass over the “Bajo de Majuán”. There we will tell you some legend, it will captivate you. After that, you will be heading towards Barbate’s Port, where you will stay for a night. Barbate is a quaint village on Cadiz Coast.The second day of the trip, you will fish in a strategic location between Barbate and Conil. At the end of the day, you will return to Sotogrande.


This is the best option if you want to visit the coast of North Africa. Jigging package includes a trip to Alhucemas (Morocco). It’s a two days’ trip. That’s the reason why you will overnight in Alhucemas’ hotels. There you will enjoy their typical food in the best selection of restaurants.

* Jigging (maximum 6 persons). The price of the trip doesn’t include lunches or dinners at restaurants, hotels, land transports, VAT and tips.

Route Duration Price
Strait of Gibraltar 12 hours € 1,800
Atlantic 2 days € 3,900
Marocco 2 days € 4,900


Bottom Fishing

This is a perfect experience for beginners when it comes to fishing. It is designed for all the ages and levels.  Anyone can learn, have fun and be part of those activities. The trip will start in Sotogrande. This place is considered perfect for fishing because of its environment, that combined with the best equipment and a good number of professionals, will guarantee you a lot of capture and joy.

Route Duration Price
Sotogrande 2 hours € 500
Sotogrande 4 hours € 800
Sotogrande 6 hours € 1,100
Sotogrande 8 hours € 1,400
Marbella 8 hours € 1,600


Immerse yourself with a true diving professional

Live a unique moment immersing yourself with Sergio Castillo, one of the best underwater fishermen at national level, member of the Spanish underwater fishing team, Andalusian champion, Spanish runner-up and world champion for spearfishing teams. You will be able to venture into the best areas of the Strait of Gibraltar and practice the most ancient art of fishing in one of the most amazing places.

*It will be necessary to hold the relevant license issued by the Agriculture and fishing of the Council of Andalusia. Headway Sailing will you help you in its treatment in case you do not have.

Included Services

Reservations for all fishing plans will be confirmed one week in advance. Depending on weather conditions the initial plan may suffer from modifications. The captain of the ship is the one who has all the power and responsibility in terms of defining the right conditions for the contracted fishing plan. In the event that the fishing plan had to be cancelled owing to force majeure or could not be deferred because of the failure to reach agreement with the customer, we will return to you the full amount paid.